Library Association Membership

Membership deadline: OCT 1

The Ringwood Public Library is operated by the Library Association of Ringwood, Inc., a private, nonprofit corporation. Most of our budget comes from the Borough of Ringwood, supplemented by state aid, grants and donations.

The LIBRARY ASSOCIATION OF RINGWOOD is the non-profit corporate entity that governs the Library. All who join the ASSOCIATION are eligible to vote at the December annual meeting on issues concerning the LIBRARY ASSOCIATION and in the election of Trustees. Membership in the ASSOCIATION is open to any adult (18 years old) Ringwood resident. The annual membership fee is $10.00. This annual fee is due by October 1st of each year in order to participate in the annual meeting.

You may also join the FRIENDS OF THE RINGWOOD LIBRARY, a standing committee of the ASSOCIATION. The FRIENDS are volunteers who fundraise and assist in community advocacy, as well as the hosting of events. They typically meet once per month during the year. Membership in the FRIENDS is open to anyone who is a member of the ASSOCIATION.

THE DEADLINE FOR ANNUAL DUES IS OCT 1 FOR THE CURRENT CALENDAR YEAR. 1. Any new applications after Oct. 1 will be applied to the following year.

Library Association Membership Application Form