Board of Trustees


President: Amanda Beth McCormick Gillman
Vice President: Amy Boyle Geisel
Secretary: Kathryn Grant
Treasurer: Jessica Einreinhof
Jennifer Hsu
Lauren Maguire
Fatima Majid
Linda Schaefer
Edward J. Thomas

Board Meetings

Executive Board meeting dates for 2022 (PDF, 5.0 KB)

Monthly board meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Minutes

Approved meeting minutes for the current year are posted below. Inquire at the library for minutes of prior meetings.

November 2021 (PDF, 492 KB)
October 2021 (PDF, 314.0 KB)
September 2021 (PDF, 493 KB)
July 2021 (PDF, 488 KB)
June 2021 (PDF, 312 KB)
May 2021 (PDF, 313 KB)
April 2021 (PDF, 607 KB)
March 2021 (PDF, 469 KB)
February 2021 (PDF, 450 KB)
January 2021 (PDF, 448 KB)

Annual Meeting of the Association December 2020 (PDF, 479 KB)