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All onsite programs and events are cancelled or postponed until further notice. Check our STEAM page and Free Online Resource page for things to do. Also, follow us on FaceBook.

And the winners are...

2020 Prose and Poetry Contest

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Science Tellers

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Call Miss Kristine for Book Bundles!

Stop the summer slide! Read all summer! Log your books and find reading lists linked to digital copies of the books. There are fun missions and virtual events, too! Register for our online program here.

Printable Coloring Pages for Imagine Your Story

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Children's Science Experiments

What you see in your bowl of milk and food coloring when you dip dish detergent into it is much like what happens when you place the sides of two magnets next to one another. The negative charges of the detergent molecules attract to the postive charges on the water and protein molecules in the milk.  It's all about polarity: Water molecules and food coloring are polar (they have both positively and negatively charged sides) whereas fat molecules are not polar. In other words, they are neutrally charged. Soap has both polar and non-polar properties, and so it attracts to both water and fat, which is why it is so helpful when you need to clean oil or grease. When all of these charges attract or repel each other, it pushes the liquids in your bowl around! It's a physical reaction to the chemical properties of the molecules!
Now, you can try this at home, too:
Place some water, cooking oil, and food coloring in a clean jar. Close the jar and shake it up. The water and food coloring will mix because their positive and negative charges will attract and the oil will not mix beacuse it is non-polar or neutral.

Tie-Dye Coffee Filters!

Make a Spring Flower!

Miss Kristine shows you how!

I Spy by Miss Kristine

Check out this I Spy game I created for you. Do you think you can find them all? 😃 
Happy hunting! -Miss Kristine 

2 pairs of glasses 👓
Grapes 🍇
2 blue tea cups
The letter B
3 dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 🦕
Sandwich 🥪
Zebra 🦓
Egg 🥚
Blue Mighty Pup
Flashlight 🔦
Red bird
4 puzzle pieces 🧩 🧩 🧩🧩
Penguin 🐧
Carrot 🥕
The letter Z
White and black heart 🖤
Elephant 🐘
Frozen plate 🍽
Eyes 👀
Pine cone
Raccoon 🦝
Cell phone
White spoon 🥄
Blue spoon 🥄
Car 🚘
2 baby bottles 🍼 🍼
Strawberry 🍓
Construction sign 🚧

Art Intern Online Program

Make a Popup of VanGogh's Bedroom

Find the templates here: 
Template 1
Template 2

1) Fold a piece of paper in half
2) Color each half; top side is the wall, bottom is the floor
3) Color the piece on the templates
4) Carefully cut all the pieces out (watch for folds that will be used to glue down, do not cut)
5) Fold all the folds down (only on some pieces)
6) Place the pieces on the wall of the paper to see how they will fit; order of the pieces from left to right: back of table, back of chair, window above chair, back of bed, picture above bed
7) Glue down - the back of the bed, picture, window, back of the chair and back of the table
8) Here's where it gets a little tricky, First, glue the bed (red part) to the front of the bed
9) Then, glue the bed (with the front part attached) to the back of the bed (hold of glueing it down to the floor)
10) Third, glue the chair fold onto the back of the chair that is already glued to the wall
11) Glue the fold of the top of the table, to the back of the table that is already glued to the wall
12) Fold the paper to see how it all stands up
13) Last but not least, glue the fold of the bed down to the floor, and you are all done!​