Ringwood History - Writings of Minnie May Monks

Ringwood History — The Writings of Minnie May Monks.

An extensive collection of the original writings of Minnie May Monks, covering Ringwood and the surrounding area in the early 1900’s.

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Van's Cabin
Sike and Joe
The Old Hermit
Buck and Tag
Tombstone Hounds
Old Saws
Monks Homestead
Cash and Whisky
Miller's Falls
Monks Origination
The Hidden Hill
A Nosey Neighbor
Winbeam Winter
Clare Sells a Farm
Pocahontas and Cafer
Van Tells His Story
I Love You, Clare
A Spooky Story
At the End of the Trail
Albert Payson Terhune
Old Board Cemetary - Boardville
Old Board Cemetary - Erskine
The Old Hermit's Dream