RPL provides the following services for a nominal fee. Please inquire at the library for current rates.
*NOTE: we are providing these services even though the library interior is closed due to the pandemic. Call ahead or ring the doorbell at the inner door.*
  1. Faxing
    *see staff for assistance
    *cover page available upon request
  2. Scanning
    *self-service at our copy machine
    *scan to email or to your own flash drive
    *no fee, but coin required to initate process
  3. Copying
    *self-service at our copy machine
    *black & white or color available at different rates
    *multi-page document copying available
    *please limit number of copies to 50 or less
    *copy machine has size limitations
  4. Printing
    * print from windows applications, websites, email or flash drive using a guest computer
    *Library Card or Guest Pass required to release the print job from our copy machine
    *no guarantee that a file prints as expected