Getting a Library Card

You can apply for a temporary card online here. After receiving and processing your application, we will call you when your card is ready to pick up. Proof of residency is required.

1. Children of any age who live or go to school in Ringwood, may be issued a borrower's card when accompanied by a parent who shows identification proving their name and address. Parents accept responsibility for materials borrowed by their children. 
2. Adults (18 or over) who live or work in Ringwood may be issued a borrower's card after showing identification proving their name and address. If no ID is available, the card will be mailed to them. In that case, only 1 book may be charged out at the time of application until the borrower's card is received by the patron and presented at the Library. 
3. Patrons who live and work outside of Ringwood may purchase a borrower's card for the fee of $150.00 per year. 
4. Patrons who live in a municipality in the PALS Plus consortium or in the Open Borrowing program, shall be required to use their home library card.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges
1. Patrons who owe fines or who have overdue materials that are over limits set by the PALS Plus membership, shall be prohibited from further borrowing until their accounts are settled.
2. In the case of children under 18, parents must assume final responsibility.