Notary Public

Please call ahead, at least 1 hour prior to closing, to verify Notary is available.
There is no charge for this service.
The Notary may turn away requested service at their discretion.
You will need to bring:
  • the paperwork requiring signatures
  • a valid driver's license, passport or other government-issued photo ID.
  • witness(es), if required by your paperwork

Exam Proctoring

A librarian is available to proctor your exam.
Please call 2 weeks prior to your exam to schedule.
You are responsible for the cost of any necessary postage, copies, etc.
You will need to bring:
  • Required forms from your educational institution for completion by proctor
  • Photo ID
  • Test supplies, including laptop (alternatively, one of the library's guest computers, laptops, or iPads may be scheduled.)
*The library is not liable if there is interruption to power or internet/WiFi service during your exam.*